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Just'a Drop Industrial Eco


Just'a Drop Ostomy

A New Advancement
In Ostomy Odor Control

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Toilet Odor Eliminator Just'a Drop

The Best Way
To Eliminate Personal
Bathroom Odours

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Just'a Spray Advanced

A Remarkable Breakthrough
For Ostomates

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Poopeechic Pre-Emptive Potty Spray

The Chic New Way
To Keep Odours At Bay!

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Just'a Spray

Spray In The Bowl
Nobody Will Never Know!

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Bathroom Odor Eliminators That Really Work

Getting Rid of Bad Bathroom Odors, One Drop At a Time


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Days Of Fighting Bad Odors

Let’s Talk About Toilet Odors

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March 2017 –

How New Brunswick’s Prelam Enterprises Freshened Up the Air Freshener Market Moncton’s Prelam Enterprises is leading in the business of making sure your poo doesn’t stink. The company is the maker of Just ‘a Drop, the product that founders Luc Jalbert and Don Goguen claim was the first ever to prevent odour before you, you know, go […]

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July 2015: Moncton Company makes embarrassing bathroom odour a smell of the past.

Contact Information: Luc Jalbert, VP Sales & Marketing Ph: (506) 857-0499 ext. 222 Cell: (506) 856-0252 E-mail: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 17, 2015 Moncton Company makes embarrassing bathroom odour a smell of the past. Moncton, NB – Everybody poops. Going to the bathroom is something we all have in common, a natural human function, […]

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