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Press Releases

cannabis odour eliminator, prelam enterprises, new brunswick, october 17

October 2018: A New Brunswick business has cracked the code for combatting cannabis odours

A New Brunswick business has cracked the code for combatting cannabis odours PRELAM wants to help adults to consume with dignity, without any intrusive odours Moncton (N.B.), October 11, 2018 – PRELAM, a business from New Brunswick specialising in odour elimination, wants to help adults to consume their cannabis with dignity and without any intrusive […]

In The Press

October 2018 – Worried You Reek Like Weed? Prelam Has An ‘Odour Eliminator’ For You – Huddle

MONCTON – The makers of Just’a Dropbathroom odour eliminators are stepping into the recreational cannabis market when it becomes legal October 17. Prelam Enterprises will launch the LUKY8 spray that day, which it claims will eliminate, and not just mask, the odour that comes with marijuana smoke. “My goal was to give privacy to those people who will want to […]

Featured Brand

A few sprays in the toilet bowl before you go eliminate poop smells every time!

Just’a Spray toilet spray forms a film on the surface of the toilet bowl water that traps & eliminates bathroom odours before they can escape.
Its natural essential oils are the secret to a fresh smelling bathroom & Just’a Spray Pro-active odour protection technology stops toilet odours.

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