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September 2017: Prelam Solutions measures and eliminates outdoor odour problems

Wednesday September 6, 2017 – Prelam Entreprises, a company based out of Moncton, is launching a new outdoor odour evaluation and solutions service. Prelam Solutions will now be able to measure outdoor odours, produce a report on the situation and propose eco-friendly and effective solutions to the problem. The service is designed for industries and […]

March 2017 – Huddle.com

How New Brunswick’s Prelam Enterprises Freshened Up the Air Freshener Market Moncton’s Prelam Enterprises is leading in the business of making sure your poo doesn’t stink. The company is the maker of Just ‘a Drop, the product that founders Luc Jalbert and Don Goguen claim was the first ever to prevent odour before you, you know, go […]


“I received a box full a products that i brought with me at work. My colleague did a little instructional sheet and TADAM! Magic was done!” Read More

Pomme Cerise

“I have to tell you that we’ve been using Just’a Spray for a full month now. And truly, it really works! I was sceptic at first but once I tried the spray, I was very pleased with the result.” Read More  

Maman Consomme

“I have been testing those products for several days and I love how efficient they are. Truly, Just’a Spray is better than those air fresheners which only partly cover the smell. The time when we had to quarantine the bathroom for 10 to 15 minutes is now over!” Read More  

Moncton Coupon Lady

“My wife does not like strong smells, so we usually stay away from canned aerosols, but Just’a Spray works wonders, it takes away the smell, but does not stick around for hours after.” Read More

Does it really work?

“If you’re looking for a fix either for workplace poos or when you’re on the go or at a friend’s house this should be of great help to you.(…)If we all took common courtesies like that the world would be a better place, or at least a better-smelling place.” Read More

Vegan Ostomy

” The drops were so effective that it would often work through several pouch empties without having to add more every time.  This comes in particularly useful when I go out and want the convenience of not having to use the drops in public; I simply add a few extra drops before leaving the house, and […]