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Company harkens back to Black Plague for soap recipe

David Gordon Koch | Times & Transcript Tuesday, March 24, 2020 A Moncton-based company is developing a new line of soaps and creams based on an ancient formula, according to Luc Jalbert, co-founder of Prelam Enterprises Ltd. Jalbert said the idea came from a story from the Black Plague in the 1400s he said was unearthed by one of his chemists. “We researched […]

January 2020: Prelam on a Mission to Help Grow the NB Economy

Moncton, New Brunswick – January 3rd,  2020 – Prelam Enterprises (“Prelam” or the “Company”) wants to help stimulate the economy in New Brunswick by offering its product development, co-packaging, and distribution services to businesses in the Atlantic provinces. With over 20 years of consumer-driven innovation and award-winning brands across Canada and the world, Prelam Enterprises […]

October 2018 – Worried You Reek Like Weed? Prelam Has An ‘Odour Eliminator’ For You – Huddle

MONCTON – The makers of Just’a Dropbathroom odour eliminators are stepping into the recreational cannabis market when it becomes legal October 17. Prelam Enterprises will launch the LUKY8 spray that day, which it claims will eliminate, and not just mask, the odour that comes with marijuana smoke. “My goal was to give privacy to those people who will want to […]

October 2018: A New Brunswick business has cracked the code for combatting cannabis odours

A New Brunswick business has cracked the code for combatting cannabis odours PRELAM wants to help adults to consume with dignity, without any intrusive odours Moncton (N.B.), October 11, 2018 – PRELAM, a business from New Brunswick specialising in odour elimination, wants to help adults to consume their cannabis with dignity and without any intrusive […]

March 2018 : Prelam presents Inject Safe, an innovation in terms of safety and cost savings in the medical field

Moncton, February 20, 2018—Prelam Medical, a division of Prelam, is introducing to the Canadian market a new technology that allows for safer injections to be administered to patients. Inject Safe is the first bandage developed specifically for injections that’s both easy and fast to use. “Inject Safe creates a barrier on the patient’s skin which […]

January 2018 : Prelam expands its presence in China

Moncton, January 9, 2018 – Luc Jalbert, co-founder of Prelam, will be embarking on a trade mission to China organized by Opportunities New Brunswick from January 13 to 20, 2018. The visit will also serve as an occasion to officially launch certain Prelam products for sale in several major Chinese retail chains. “Our products Just’a Drop and Just’a […]

January 2018 – Opportunity New Brunswick

New Brunswick’s Prelam Enterprises Talks Export Success in China JAN 8, 2018 BY JASON BOIES In December 2016, we spoke to entrepreneur Luc Jalbert about the success of his Moncton-based company Prelam Enterprises and its Just’a Drop and Just’a Spray bathroom products. At that time, Jalbert had recently returned from a New Brunswick government-led trade […]