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Our Krazy Krounty Life

“I think this product would be great for public washrooms, I mean if you’re anything like me, I don’t like to use public restrooms but some times you just have no choice, when you gotta go you gotta go!!” Read More

World of Contest Patty

” Now the big question – would I buy it and would I recommend it? Yes, I would on both points. It has been invaluable for making our son a little less antisocial and actually works well…” Read More

May 2011 – The Inside Tract

Just’a Drop is just the thing for GI sufferers. Just’a Drop is an air freshening product developed to block (rather than mask or overpower) bathroom odours. It contains a combination of concentrated plant extracts that work to neutralize odours by forming an instant, deodorizing barrier on the surface of the toilet water – with just one drop. Simply add a […]

October 2006 – Telegraph Journal

Local businesses always boast something new Metro Moncton’s reputation as an important business sector continues to grow and is fueled by the ongoing efforts of the Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce, an independant business organisation which champions growth as a commitment to both its members and the community. There is no clearer evidence of that […]

April 2010: Telegraph Journal

Odour eliminator focused on changing people’s bathroom habits one drop at a time, right here in the Maritimes! JOAN LEBLANC MONCTON – A manufacturer of high quality household products, Prelam Enterprises Ltd. headquartered in Moncton, New Brunswick. Founded by Luc Jalbert and Donald Goguen, Prelam is celebrating their 10 year anniversary. The company is best known for their innovative product ‘Just a Drop’, a toilet odour neutralizer […]

January 2009: The Big Idea

Excerpt from Donny Deutsch – The Big Idea Here’s one you’ll love. A problem every human being has that’s a little delicate. Luc Galbert came on the show to discuss his solution to this unmentionable, but very real issue, bathroom smells. The idea came to him when he was at his mother in-law’s house and he had […]

July 2006: The Chronicle Herald

The sweet smell of success This is Luc Jalbert’s $10 millions dilemna: how can he get people to talk about what they leave in the bathroom? he answer, he believes, could transform his kitchen-table company into a $10 millions success story, almost overnight. But only if this forty-years-old entrepreneur from Moncton , N.B., can get […]

June 2006: Times & Transcript

Moncton takes fresh air to the Big Apple. New Yorkers on bathroom habits BY JESSE ROBICHAUD TIMES & TRANSCRIPT STAFF A Moncton based company is using some guerilla marketing tactics to take on air-care industry giants like Proctor & Gamble and SC Johnson.Moncton’s Luc Jalbert, vice-president of Prelam Enterprises, and his business team followed the […]

April 2006: The Evening News

Ambitious entrepreneurs tackle odour problem Moncton-based entrepreneurs are making a big splash in North America by tackling the universal problem of embarrassing bathroom odours. Luc Jalbert and Don Goguen of Prelam Enterprises have seen their latest innovation, the aptly named Just’a Drop™, take off in Canada. The product is a revolutionary toilet freshener – one […]

September 2005: Times & Transcript (2)

All it takes is Just’a drop. Inventor says no bathroom should be without new product that neutralizes unwanted odours before they happen. Luc Jalbert can smell success. He says it has a hint of lime. Luc Jalbert is the vice-president of Prelam Enterprises Inc., which had made the Moncton Industrial Park Home to a product Jalbert says […]