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I Just a Drop is a wonderful product because it actually does what it claims to do.

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Book Read & Makeup Done

I have been using this product for a couple of weeks now and I think it’s the best product I have reviewed in ages.

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Our Krazy Krounty Life

I think this product would be great for public washrooms, I mean if you’re anything like me, I don’t like to use public restrooms but some times you just have no choice, when you gotta go you gotta go!!

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World of Contest Patty

” Now the big question – would I buy it and would I recommend it? Yes, I would on both points. It has been invaluable for making our son a little less antisocial and actually works well...”

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May 2011 – The Inside Tract

Just’a Drop is just the thing for GI sufferers.
Just’a Drop is an air freshening product developed to block (rather than mask or overpower) bathroom odours. It contains a combination of concentrated plant extracts that work to neutralize odours by forming an instant, deodorizing barrier on the surface of the toilet water – with
just one drop. Simply add a single drop from the discrete bottle into the toilet before use. One smal 15 ml bottle lasts for about 400 uses.
Just’a Drop is available in three scents: Refreshing Spring, Floral Oasis, and Eucalyptus. ( Our staff preferred the Eucalyptus scent when we tested the product.) Unlike other bathroom odour product, these scents are very subtle and do not linger in an obvious way after you flush, making them ideal for use in public restrooms or when visiting friends. They come in small bottles, suitable for purse or pocket, and as individual singles packs.
This product is also environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and safe for septic systems. Especially when compared to most other air refreshing, including aerosol sprays and harsh chemicals, Just’a Drop is a green, convenient choice.
Just’a Drop is available at numerous department stores and pharmacies across Canada, online at, or by phone at 1-877-249-6846. In stores, it is normally located near the toilet paper, but you might also find it next to the household chemicals or with air fresheners. The company
offers a 30- day money-back guarantee.

Note: The GI Society has not received no remuneration from Just’ a Drop or its affiliates for this review.

April 2010: Telegraph Journal

Odour eliminator focused on changing people’s bathroom habits one drop at a time, right here in the Maritimes!


MONCTON – A manufacturer of high quality household products, Prelam Enterprises Ltd. headquartered in Moncton, New Brunswick. Founded by Luc Jalbert and Donald Goguen, Prelam is celebrating their 10 year anniversary.

The company is best known for their innovative product ‘Just a Drop’, a toilet odour neutralizer specially formulated to eliminate personal bathroom odours. “It’s the #1 solution to your #2 problem,” says Jalbert, who created the product.

Made from natural plant extracts and food grade colourings, ‘Just a Drop’ is totally safe for all types of toilets, safe for septic systems and is non-toxic, making it a very safe product for use anywhere.
“Just a few drops placed in the toilet forms a film over the top of the water surface, trapping odours below the water so they can’t escape into the air. One bottle of ‘Just a Drop’ is equivalent to three bottles of air freshener spray; plus it provides total elimination of odours, it doesn’t just cover them up,” he adds.
Available in 15 ml., 6 ml. bottles as well as single use pouches that are great for travel. ‘Just a Drop’ comes in three pleasant scents: the original Eucalyptus as well as the new Floral Oasis and Refreshing Spring.
The product is sold in many major retail outlets across Canada including Walmart, Zellers, Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws and in many other countries as well.

“This is totally revolutionizing the way we go to the bathroom. We’ve had people who have purchased the product, call and tell us how well it worked and that it’s improved their quality of life,” Jalbert notes.
He explains that many people today suffer from health problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chrones or various forms of colitis that cause offensive bathroom odours, which has kept them from going out into the public or even from visiting family and friends.
“It’s embarrassing, so most people would rather stay home and not have to deal with the situation. But ‘Just a Drop’ allows people to use the bathroom and not leave behind any tell-a-tale odours,” he notes. Not just for use in your home, ‘Just a Drop’ is perfect at the office, university dorms
and any other shared facilities as well as boats, recreational vehicles and in hotels and motels.

“Anywhere you need it, you can use ‘Just a Drop,” Jalbert adds.

Sales of ‘Just a Drop’, have been steadily growing, becoming one of Prelam Enterprises Ltd.’s most popular products and selling more than one million and six hundred thousand bottles to date.(…)

Competing against international heavyweights like S.C. Johnson and Procter & Gamble in the air freshener business, Prelam Enterprises Ltd. unveiled its newest products recently at the Toronto Grocery Innovation Show and was described as the “most clever of innovations this year” by Global TV.

They will be taking them on the road to Hong Kong and Vegas shows in the coming months. A currently ongoing contest sponsored by Prelam Enterprises Ltd. will see the winner take home a year’s supply of ‘Just a Drop’ Toilet Odour Neutralizer. Ask your local store for ‘Just a Drop’ and get more information on the product on their website at: or check out the many comments on their Facebook site.
Also, check at to print your Just’a Drop coupon and save 75 cents on your next Just’a Drop purchase!

January 2009: The Big Idea

Excerpt from Donny Deutsch – The Big Idea

Here’s one you’ll love. A problem every human being has that’s a little delicate. Luc Galbert came on the show to discuss his solution to this unmentionable, but very real issue, bathroom smells. The idea came to him when he was at his mother in-law’s house and he had to go. With no air fresheners in sight, he considered locking himself in the bathroom until he died of embarrassment. In that moment, Luc had an inspiration: “Everybody’s gotta go.” What if it was possible to eliminate bathroom smells altogether-not just cover them up with floral scents, but get rid of them? Over the next year, Luc researched the problem, and ultimately aligned himself with an Asian manufacturer who devised a natural, nontoxic
formula, which he called Just a Drop. The idea was to squirt a single drop into the toilet before you go, and, like magic-no bad smells. Luc tested his product by starting with everyone he knew. He gave bottles to his doctor, dentist, friends, neighbors-and the response was beyond enthusiastic. “Women especially were clamoring for it,” he said. “They told me it was better than marriage counseling.”Just a Drop is a no-brainer solution. There’s no question in my mind that Luc will make millions with his product. He’s already sold 600,000 units online and through Wal-Mart in Canada. All because he had a moment of embarrassment, and decided to make it go away for good.

July 2006: The Chronicle Herald

The sweet smell of success

This is Luc Jalbert’s $10 millions dilemna: how can he get people to talk about what they leave in the bathroom?

he answer, he believes, could transform his kitchen-table company into a $10 millions success story, almost overnight.

But only if this forty-years-old entrepreneur from Moncton , N.B., can get people talking that is. His tool of choice: the toilet bowl. The location: Montreal Grand Prix, Manhattan’s Square Garden or Toronto’s Canada Day.

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June 2006: Times & Transcript

Moncton takes fresh air to the Big Apple.

New Yorkers on bathroom habits

A Moncton based company is using some guerilla marketing tactics to take on air-care industry giants like Proctor & Gamble and SC Johnson.Moncton’s Luc Jalbert, vice-president of Prelam Enterprises, and his business team followed the stink all the way to Times Square in New York City this week to bring their Just’a Drop air-care product to the masses.

Just’a Drop, which is available in Moncton and nation-wide at Wal-Mart and Jean Coutu, is described as “the only air-care product that suppresses unpleasant bathroom odours at the source – before they escape into the air. Parking their shiny white porcelain toilet on the sidewalk at the foot of Virgin Mega-Store, the ragtag team did their best to cause some Big Apple commotion as they asked New Yorkers to “sit down and be counted” by taking a survey that looks into their bathroom habits and odour preferences.

They were also urging passerby to take the survey online at

The irreverent street campaign, which has already passed through Montreal and will touch down in Toronto on Canada Day, received a number of interesting visitors such as the world-famous Naked Cowboy, who took a seat at the throne and sang a song that gathered hordes of curious onlookers.
The Howard Stern Show also checked in to see what all the fuss was about, and ran the interview twice Wednesday.

Although Jalbert hadn’t made any arrangements with City officials prior to taking his products to the streets of NYC, Just’a Drop has indeed made quite a splash as initial looks of apprehension turned to curious smiles as strangers approached the toilet.

“It’s a guerilla activity, and for a guerilla activity you have to just show up. It’s a madhouse out here,” said a very pleased Jalbert speaking from his cellphone on Wednesday as the Odour Voter promotion continued to unfold to the sound track of New York traffic.

The operation even drew attention from some of Manhattan’s finest.

“We couldn’t believe it. Even the cops were asking us for samples.”

Without the millions of dollars juggernauts like Proctor & Gamble and SC Johnson spend on advertising, Moncton’s Prelam Enterprises doesn’t have much choice but to be creative in their push to gain North American market share in the lucrative air-care industry.

As the obvious underdog in a David & Goliath battle over the world’s toilets, Jalbert and his colleagues have clearly adopted a “go big or go home attitude” that allows them to punch way above their weight.But so far the advertising campaign is paying off for the company that produces
its biodegradable product in the Moncton Industrial Park.

Prelam is also looking to markets in Japan and the United Kingdom. “I think we’re going to make a splash in the United States. It’s the beginning of it, we still have a lot of work to do though, nothing is easy,” said Jalbert.

April 2006: The Evening News

Ambitious entrepreneurs tackle odour problem
Moncton-based entrepreneurs are making a big splash in North America by tackling the universal problem of embarrassing bathroom odours.

Luc Jalbert and Don Goguen of Prelam Enterprises have seen their latest innovation, the aptly named Just’a Drop™, take off in Canada. The product is a revolutionary toilet freshener – one drop in the bowl before you go that neutralizes offensive odours before they become an embarrassing problem. With a firm grasp of Canadian market now in hand, Prelam is looking to grow its success south of border.

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