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January 2018 : Not-so-sweet smells spell success for N.B. business

By Alan Cochrane – January 9, 2018

Prelam Enterprises co-founder Luc Jalbert - Just'a Drop

Luc Jalbert is on a mission to make the world less smelly, one toilet at a time.

“We started 13 years ago, with a mission to educate consumers that there is something that really works to stop the smell when you go number 2, but you have to use it before you go,” Jalbert said Tuesday. “Just put a drop or two into the toilet bowl before you sit down on the toilet with your paper, and it will create a barrier to stop the smell.”

Jalbert is the co-founder of Prelam Enterprises, a Moncton-based company that makes a variety of products that are chemically designed to surround and deodorize the smelly gas molecules associated with going to the toilet.

On Saturday, he will make his 30th trip to China, where he will announce that two of those products, Just’a Drop and Just’a Spray are now sold by major Chinese retailers, Jalbert said making deals to sell these products in cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong represents a huge market with millions of potential costumers.

He said Prelam received support from Opportunities New Brunswick, which helped him make deals with distributors and retailers in China. Opportunity New Brunswick is a Crown corporation that seeks to attract and support opportunities to grow the economy and create jobs. Opportunities N.B. could not provide a spokesperson Tuesday to comment on next week’s trade mission and the support to Prelam Enterprises.

The Prelam products are developped, packaged and shipped from a single office and warehouse space on Baig Boulevard in the Moncton Industrial Park, which can produce 12 million bottles per year. The company has 12 employees, including full-time chemists, graphic artists and marketing specialists.

Besides Just’a Drop and Just’a Spray, Prelam has anti-odour sprays with catchy names like Poop-Eh!, Oh Crap, Pooping Bad and It wasn’t Me! For Valentine’s Day, there’s Love At First Poo, a toilet spray with the catch-phrase ” roses are red, violets are blue. spray in the bowl before you poo.”

The products are already sold at retailers in Canada, the U.S., Chile, Mexico and the Philippines. In Mexico, the Spanish translation is Gotaroma.

Jalbert said getting the products into China is a huge deal for him.

” I’ve always bought raw materials and packaging from China, but now I’m going back to sell the products there.”

Jalbert said he’s learned a lot about Chinese culture, language, government regulations and business practices over his 29 previous trips. One of the biggest obstacles about doing business has been language, and he’s still looking for employees who can translate marketing material from English.

Over the last 13 years, he’s heard lots of jokes about bodily functions and the smells associated with them. He’s also a bit of a David competing with corporate Goliaths who offer similar products. Without huge advertising budget, Prelam has staged a variety of promotional stunts. At one point, Jalbert set up a toilet in the middle of New York city’s Time Square, where people could sit to fill out a survey and pick up free samples.

“Free samples are great for marketing. I gave away lots of samples because I knew every time somebody tried it, they would tell 15 other people and make jokes about it, and they’d remember it.”

As he takes aim at toilet odours around the world, Jalbert is also marketing Luky 8 brand of skin creams and associated grooming products for men, These will also be available at stores in China.

Meanwhile, the company’s research and development department continues to work on industrial-strength odour elimination sprays for use in cattle barns, chicken coops, pig pens and other smelly places around the world.

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“I received a box full a products that i brought with me at work. My colleague did a little instructional sheet and TADAM! Magic was done!”

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Pomme Cerise

“I have to tell you that we’ve been using Just’a Spray for a full month now. And truly, it really works! I was sceptic at first but once I tried the spray, I was very pleased with the result.”

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Maman Consomme

“I have been testing those products for several days and I love how efficient they are. Truly, Just’a Spray is better than those air fresheners which only partly cover the smell. The time when we had to quarantine the bathroom for 10 to 15 minutes is now over!”

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Valley Family Fun

“It is honestly amazing. It really does work! I know our family will permanently be keeping this product in all our bathrooms”

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Moncton Coupon Lady

“My wife does not like strong smells, so we usually stay away from canned aerosols, but Just’a Spray works wonders, it takes away the smell, but does not stick around for hours after.”

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July 2015: Moncton Company makes embarrassing bathroom odour a smell of the past.

Contact Information:
Luc Jalbert, VP Sales & Marketing
Ph: (506) 857-0499 ext. 222
Cell: (506) 856-0252
E-mail: premiere@nbnet.nb.ca

Moncton Company makes embarrassing bathroom odour a smell of the past.

Moncton, NB – Everybody poops. Going to the bathroom is something we all have in common, a natural human function, yet most of us put a lot of time and effort into proving that we simply don’t go.

Don’t let embarrassing bathroom odour get you in a bind. The folks at Prelam Enterprises are bound and determined to make going in public the talk of the town with the introductions of their latest product, Just’a Spray.

From the makers of Just’a Drop, the original bathroom odour eliminator, Just’a Spray works in the same fashion by applying a few sprays into the toilet bowl, before you go, to eliminate any odours before they occur.

Over 7% of Canadians have spoken openly about their fear of relieving themselves in public places, retaining themselves until they get home. In an effort to flush out the facts, the Poo Patrol will be hitting the streets this summer conducting a short survey to get feedback about Monctonian’s bathroom habits.

With their “Photo-Poop” Porta-Potty in toe, the Poo-Patrol will be having a little fun with the public, handing out samples as well as great contests and give-aways. They will also be asking the public their opinion on the way they “GO”, from public avoidance to holding it in.

It’s a relief to know that next time you’re faced with the dreaded task of entering the loo at work or at a friend or relative’s house, you can reach for your trusty bottle of Just’a Spray.

Prelam Enterprises sells and manufactures various air care products on a global level. Co-owned by Luc Jalbert and Don Goguen and is located in Moncton, New Brunswick.

After a decade in the air freshener business, you’d think these two would be pooped battling multinationals like Proctor & Gamble, SC Johnson & Son Inc. and Dial Corp. however, Prelam has managed to secure a niche market in the air care sector, one that has obviously appealed to retailers and consumers alike.


March 2015: Solution to Nasty Bathroom Smells

Contact Information:
Luc Jalbert, VP Sales & Marketing
Ph: (506) 857-0499 ext. 222
Cell: (506) 856-0252
E-mail: premiere@nbnet.nb.ca

Solution to Nasty Bathroom Smells

Montreal native Luc Jalbert knows a thing or two about nasty bathroom smells and has spent the best part of a decade doing something about it. Today the co-owner of Prelam Enterprises Ltd., a household products business in Moncton NB, is introducing a new spray he has developed to deal with the problem and it is on the shelves of Jean Coutu pharmacies throughout Quebec.

Just ‘a Spray toilet bowl odor eliminator, when sprayed into the toilet bowl, immediately forms a film on top of the water that seals in whatever is dropped into the toilet bowl, eliminating bad smells and replacing them with fragrant ones made from scents purchased from major perfume houses in Europe.

Launched in Quebec and the Maritimes, Just ‘a Spray is packaged and marketed as an upscale product for homes, offices and travel and will be available online within the coming weeks. A national sampling program is planned and the all Canadian made product will be sold nation-wide by summer. The first of Prelam’s products using the same water seal technology, Just ‘ Drop has, to date, sold over six million units in Canada and globally.