January 2020: Prelam on a Mission to Help Grow the NB Economy

Moncton, New Brunswick – January 3rd,  2020 – Prelam Enterprises (“Prelam” or the “Company”) wants to help stimulate the economy in New Brunswick by offering its product development, co-packaging, and distribution services to businesses in the Atlantic provinces.

With over 20 years of consumer-driven innovation and award-winning brands across Canada and the world, Prelam Enterprises strives to help local entrepreneurs grow their business by offering a turn-key solution that includes product development and positioning, sourcing, supplier management, manufacturing, and distribution.

 “There are so many innovative entrepreneurs, great new start-ups in New Brunswick & Atlantic Canada which can benefit from our experience and expertise” explained Luc Jalbert, cofounder of Prelam. “I wish we could have used similar services from a local manufacturer when I started in business.”

Located in Moncton, New Brunswick, Prelam’s 11,250 square feet facility houses a laboratory with quality certified chemists, a design team and a production line that can produce more than 20 million products per year. The Company also offers logistic services as well as tailor-made export, sales & marketing strategies.

“We are like an incubator of sort but with all the expertise, connections and opportunities that an entrepreneur would wish they had. We basically help avoid many years of learning challenges, costly mistakes and overall help stimulate growth”, commented Mr. Jalbert.

Prelam Enterprise has been co-packing products for world-class brands and has been expanding its manufacturing in order to meet the high standard of global companies. Luc Jalbert believes that by encouraging local businesses to grow, Prelam can help retain & develop the production activity in New Brunswick, create jobs and support economic diversity.

 About Prelam

Founded in 1999 by Luc Jalbert and Don Goguen, Prelam Enterprises is a Canadian company that specializes in the manufacturing and exporting of high-quality air-care and innovative malodor control products. The Moncton headquarters houses a chemistry lab, design team as well as a bottling facility where products are manufactured and distributed globally. More information can be found by consulting the Company’s website (www.prelam.com).



Prelam Enterprises

Luc Jalbert, Co-Founder

lucjalbert@prelam.com T: (506) 856-0252