Company harkens back to Black Plague for soap recipe

Luc Jalbert, co-founder of Prelam Enterprises Ltd,. says his company is making a line of soaps and hand creams based on a composition of essential oils used in the fifteenth century.
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David Gordon Koch | Times & Transcript

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

A Moncton-based company is developing a new line of soaps and creams based on an ancient formula, according to Luc Jalbert, co-founder of Prelam Enterprises Ltd.

Jalbert said the idea came from a story from the Black Plague in the 1400s he said was unearthed by one of his chemists.

“We researched some stories of what helped resist the plague,” Jalbert said in a phone interview on Tuesday. 

It seems four men were on trial for stealing from the dead and dying.

The punishment was death by burning, but the judge said he would be lenient if they could explain how they avoided getting sick, according to Jalbert.

“They explained that they were four merchants of spice and oils,” Jalbert said. “The ports were closed, that’s why they were stealing.”

As the tale goes, the men produced a mix which they put on their hands and behind their ears, and they created a beak-like mask – a plague mask – containing rags soaked with the oil. 

The judge was true to his word, Jalbert said: “Instead of burning them alive, he hung them.”

Essential oils

He said the company is currently working on making a line of products based on the so-called “thieves blend.” 

The basic composition will contain essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, cinnamon, cloves and citrus mixed with a stabilizer, he said. 

The company has two chemists and a bottling plant, enabling them to get the product to market fast, he said. 

He stressed it’s not a sanitizer, which requires a special licence, but he said essential oils have a number of proven benefits.

“I’m not going to suggest or claim that you won’t get the coronavirus,” he said in reference the virus that causes COVID-19, a disease causing flu-like symptoms that has killed thousands of people around the world in recent months.

But amid reports of hand sanitizer shortages, he said it’s “better than nothing” and he will let consumers make up their minds about the product. 

“I’d rather have something on my hands as I’m touching a shopping cart,” he said. “I’ll be using my product.” 

The company produces a line of odour-removers, including bathroom odour eliminators marketed under the brand Just’ A Drop.   

The new products will be marketed under the EZ-Pur brand, he said, including a travel-size “hand purifier” called Soap on the Go. Larger bottles for foaming soap are also planned, but the bottes are in short supply, he said. 

The company hopes to launch the line of products by spring. 

Jalbert also said he’s applying for a Health Canada site licence to bottle bulk shipments of hand sanitizer produced by a Montreal-based company.

He said the company doesn’t have enough bottling capacity to meet current levels of demand amid the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Spike in demand

In Moncton, soup kitchens have reported that hand sanitizer shortages have threatened operations, while reports have emerged of consumers in other parts of North America hoarding hand sanitizer and Lysol hand wipes to sell online. 

The hand sanitizer market is poised to witness massive growth over the next five years, according to the research firm Advance Market Analytics.

The global market could see a growth rate of 9.23 per cent to reach US$1.74 billion by 2025, the company said in a March 16 media release. 

Handwashing crucial 

Public health authorities are urging people to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by washing their hands.

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) advises washing hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds. 

Proper handwashing includes thumbs, the palm and back of each hand, between the fingers and under nails. After rinsing, dry hands well with a paper towel and turn off the tap using a paper towel.

January 2020: Prelam on a Mission to Help Grow the NB Economy

Moncton, New Brunswick – January 3rd,  2020 – Prelam Enterprises (“Prelam” or the “Company”) wants to help stimulate the economy in New Brunswick by offering its product development, co-packaging, and distribution services to businesses in the Atlantic provinces.

With over 20 years of consumer-driven innovation and award-winning brands across Canada and the world, Prelam Enterprises strives to help local entrepreneurs grow their business by offering a turn-key solution that includes product development and positioning, sourcing, supplier management, manufacturing, and distribution.

 “There are so many innovative entrepreneurs, great new start-ups in New Brunswick & Atlantic Canada which can benefit from our experience and expertise” explained Luc Jalbert, cofounder of Prelam. “I wish we could have used similar services from a local manufacturer when I started in business.”

Located in Moncton, New Brunswick, Prelam’s 11,250 square feet facility houses a laboratory with quality certified chemists, a design team and a production line that can produce more than 20 million products per year. The Company also offers logistic services as well as tailor-made export, sales & marketing strategies.

“We are like an incubator of sort but with all the expertise, connections and opportunities that an entrepreneur would wish they had. We basically help avoid many years of learning challenges, costly mistakes and overall help stimulate growth”, commented Mr. Jalbert.

Prelam Enterprise has been co-packing products for world-class brands and has been expanding its manufacturing in order to meet the high standard of global companies. Luc Jalbert believes that by encouraging local businesses to grow, Prelam can help retain & develop the production activity in New Brunswick, create jobs and support economic diversity.

 About Prelam

Founded in 1999 by Luc Jalbert and Don Goguen, Prelam Enterprises is a Canadian company that specializes in the manufacturing and exporting of high-quality air-care and innovative malodor control products. The Moncton headquarters houses a chemistry lab, design team as well as a bottling facility where products are manufactured and distributed globally. More information can be found by consulting the Company’s website (



Prelam Enterprises

Luc Jalbert, Co-Founder T: (506) 856-0252

September 2019 : Prelam Signs Distribution Agreement for its LUKY8™ Cannabis Odour Removers with Zenabis

Moncton, New Brunswick – September 23rd, 2019 – Prelam Enterprises (“Prelam” or the ”Company”), a New Brunswick-based business specializing in innovative odour control solutions, is pleased to announce it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement (“Agreement”) with Zenabis Global Inc. (TSX:ZENA) (“Zenabis”) for the Company’s LUKY8™ cannabis odour removers (“LUKY8”) in Canada.

Different from traditional perfume-based odour removal products, LUKY8’s biodegradable formula safely captures cannabis odour molecules and breaks them down to eliminate the smell entirely from the air or on clothes, while leaving behind a pleasant scent.

“LUKY8 has been available at all Cannabis NB stores for a few months now and the sales have far exceeded our expectations,” explained Luc Jalbert, co-founder of Prelam. “The entire production process, from research and development through to product design and manufacturing, are completed in-house at our Moncton facility. We are very excited about this partnership with a company as significant as Zenabis. This will help us expand our distribution networks and replicate the success LUKY8 has found in New Brunswick on a national scale.”

The Company believes that this agreement will help solidify LUKY8’s leading position in the market of odour elimination products for cannabis.

“Prelam offers a range of odour elimination products that have proven to be both effective and pleasant,” commented David Lluncor, Chief Revenue Officer of Zenabis. “The LUKY8 brand of odour eliminating sprays and candles offer consumers a more discreet way of enjoying combustible cannabis products and are a perfect complement to Zenabis’ dried cannabis portfolio. As Zenabis continues to deepen its retail cannabis distribution channels across the country, we look forward to growing both of our businesses through this partnership.”

About Prelam

Founded in 1999 by Luc Jalbert and Don Goguen, Prelam Enterprises is a Canadian company that specializes in the manufacturing and exporting of high-quality air-care and innovative malodor control products. The Moncton headquarters houses a chemistry lab, design team and bottling facility where products are manufactured and distributed globally. More information can be found by consulting the Company’s website (

About Zenabis

Zenabis is a significant Canadian licensed cannabis cultivator of medical and recreational cannabis, and a propagator and cultivator of floral and vegetable products. Zenabis employs staff coast-to-coast, across facilities in Atholville, New Brunswick; Delta, Aldergrove, Pitt Meadows and Langley, British Columbia; and Stellarton, Nova Scotia. In addition to gaining technologically advanced knowledge of plant propagation, the recent addition of state-of-the-art greenhouses in Langley, Pitt Meadows and Aldergrove provides Zenabis with 3.5 million square feet of facility space that can, if fully converted, be dedicated to cannabis production.

If all facility space at Zenabis Atholville, Zenabis Stellarton and Zenabis Langley is fully converted and dedicated to production, Zenabis will own, and have access to 635,000 square feet of high quality indoor cannabis production space, as well as 2.1 million square feet of greenhouse cannabis production space at its Langley facility, with this production strategically positioned on Canada’s coasts. Zenabis expects these facilities to have an annual design capacity of 143,200 kg of dried cannabis under its existing capital plan. These facilities, if fully built out and converted for cannabis production, would have an annual design capacity to yield approximately 490,800 kg of dried cannabis annually, for both national and international market distribution. An additional 700,000 square feet of greenhouse space will be used to continue the existing propagation business and produce industrial hemp, and can be converted to cannabis production at such a time that is beneficial to the strategic position of Zenabis. The Zenabis brand name is used in the cannabis medical market, while the Namaste and Blazery brand names are used in the cannabis adult-use recreational market, and the True Büch brand name is used for Zenabis’ kombucha products.



Prelam Enterprises

Luc Jalbert, cofounder
Prelam Enterprises
T: (506)856-0252

Zenabis Investor Relations
T: 1-855-936-8847

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October 2018: A New Brunswick business has cracked the code for combatting cannabis odours

A New Brunswick business has cracked the code for combatting cannabis odours

PRELAM wants to help adults to consume with dignity, without any intrusive odours

Moncton (N.B.), October 11, 2018 – PRELAM, a business from New Brunswick specialising in odour elimination, wants to help adults to consume their cannabis with dignity and without any intrusive odours. Located in Moncton, PRELAM will launch a new, innovative product, the LUKY8: a cannabis odour eliminator. The LUKY8 spray, an environmentally friendly product, will be on sale from 17 October 2018, the official date for cannabis legalisation in Canada. It will be available for purchase at .

Unlike other odour elimination sprays that are usually found on the market, LUKY8 doesn’t just mask the odour, it eliminates it. It envelops and then destroys the cannabis molecule. All that remains in the atmosphere is a pleasant, slightly fruity scent.

“We are reaching out to adults who want to make an informed and considered decision to consume cannabis responsibly. We offer them a way to ensure a positive experience without being inhibited by the inconvenience of annoying residual odours”, explains Luc Jalbert, co-founder of PRELAM. He believes that the business, which has already proved itself with Just’a Drop – a toilet odour elimination product on sale worldwide – is in an ideal position to launch itself into an expanding market of products resulting from the legalisation of cannabis.

“The elimination and control of unpleasant odours is our strength and our specialty. We are certainly not lacking in boldness and imagination in this area. We are creating a product here that can be distributed all over the country,” declares Mr. Jalbert, who indicates that LUKY8 will be the first of its kind, as there are no other products like it on the market.

How does LUKY8 work?

All you have to do is spray the air around you, your clothes, or the furniture after consuming. LUKY8 acts quickly and poses no danger to pets. It can be bought in the 220ml format, or the pocket-sized 4ml format. The research, design and manufacturing of LUKY8 take place in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Soon to be on sale everywhere

PRELAM is undertaking discussions to ensure that LUKY8 is on sale with official cannabis retailers all over Canada as well as in various tobacco shops that sell accessories for the use of cannabis, and in large retail chains. The business also plans to offer the sale of individually labelled products to certain distributors.


PRELAM was founded in 1999 by Luc Jalbert and Don Goguen and specialises in air fresheners. It is recognized for its innovative products for the control and elimination of all kinds of unpleasant odours. More information can be found by consulting their website (




Luc Jalbert, co-founder
T: (506) 856-0252

March 2018 : Prelam presents Inject Safe, an innovation in terms of safety and cost savings in the medical field

Moncton, February 20, 2018—Prelam Medical, a division of Prelam, is introducing to the Canadian market a new technology that allows for safer injections to be administered to patients. Inject Safe is the first bandage developed specifically for injections that’s both easy and fast to use.

Inject Safe creates a barrier on the patient’s skin which eliminates the need for conventional band aids, cotton balls and gloves, thus helping hospitals, pharmacies, and various clinics and institutions across Canada reduce costs related to injections,” explains the cofounder of Prelam, Luc Jalbert.

The product’s primary purpose is to protect healthcare providers. Using Inject Safe ensures no blood remains on the syringe needle or splatters or trickles from the injection site. Plus, 70% of patients on whom Inject Safe was used felt it made the injection less painful.

“According to our studies, the cost of injections could be reduced by 50% by using Inject Safe due to savings in materials and time. As our healthcare systems look for ways to save and be more effective, we need to turn to innovations such as this one in order to continue addressing the needs of the population,” says Mr. Jalbert.

To try Inject Safe for free, you can request samples at

Prelam Medical is the exclusive distributor of Inject Safe in Canada.




For information:


Luc Jalbert, co-founder
T: 506-856-0252


To download this press release, click here

January 2018 : Prelam expands its presence in China

Moncton, January 9, 2018 – Luc Jalbert, co-founder of Prelam, will be embarking on a trade mission to China organized by Opportunities New Brunswick from January 13 to 20, 2018. The visit will also serve as an occasion to officially launch certain Prelam products for sale in several major Chinese retail chains.

“Our products Just’a Drop and Just’a Spray are on sale in two major retail chains that sell products throughout China, including Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. For Prelam, these agreements are a good way to start exporting to China, but they are only the beginning”, explains Luc Jalbert.

Mr. Jalbert will take advantage of his trip to China to visit the stores that sell Prelam’s products and continue discussions with his Chinese distributor.

“During this trip, we want to solidify our relation with our current distributor, expand our distribution network and meet with other big players in the retail business. We also hope, at some point, to be able to promote our products to online retailers. Opportunities New Brunswick is an unparalleled ally in this adventure”.

The Chinese retailers that will be offering Prelam products in 2018 include:

Prelam also wants to promote its industrial products and services (Prelam Solutions), its medical products (stomie), as well as a brand new line of beauty products, LUKY (, to the Chinese business community.




For information:


Luc Jalbert, co-founder
T: 506-856-0252


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November 2017: Prelam products: made in Moncton, distributed in China



Prelam products: made in Moncton, distributed in China

Moncton, November 17th, 2017 – Luc Jalbert, cofounder of Prelam, will be heading to Shenzhen, China, on November 19th to sign a distribution contract for the launch of two products on the Chinese market in January. As of next week, the products Just’a Drop and Just’a Spray will be available in China.

“This is an important breakthrough for Prelam and for New Brunswick. We’ve been dreaming of this new business opportunity for a long time. It took a lot of hard work to get there. We want to thank the team at Opportunities NB, who helped us move towards our goal of exporting to China on a regular basis”, explains Luc Jalbert.

Prelam’s products will be distributed by 58youpin and Sway in China.

Luc Jalbert will be in China from November 19 to 24. He will visit some of the stores that will be selling the products to Chinese consumers. The official announcement of the partnership between Prelam and 58youpin, as well as the official launch, will take place during Opportunities NB’s mission to China in January 2018.

Prelam will also be participating New Brunswick’s next trade mission to China early next year. In addition to launching Just’a Spray and Just’a Drop, they will also be launching their industrial products and services (Prelam Solutions), their medical products (stomie) as well as a brand new line of beauty products, LUKY (

“Our lab is always looking for new ways to innovate for our different markets. This breakthrough in China is the beginning of a new era for us and, hopefully, for other manufacturers in our region”, concludes Luc Jalbert.


For more information:


Luc Jalbert, cofounder
T: (506) 856-0252

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October 2017 : Moncton’s Prelam Solutions to embark on commercial mission to Mexico from October 23 to 26

Moncton, October 10th, 2017Prelam Solutions, a division of Prelam, a Moncton based company, will be in Mexico from October 23 to 26 to explore the possibility of exporting its industrial and agricultural odour analysis and solutions services.

“We will be on site to make odour assessments for two bovine farms, a pigsty and a sewage treatment plant. We will then return to our labs in Moncton to analyse that data collected and propose solutions to eliminate the odour problems. Our goal is to try to make the situation more acceptable for citizens. In short, we help industries and communities find better ways to live together”, explains Luc Jalbert, cofounder of Prelam.

This visit could lead to an opportunity for the company to export its expertise and products. Some of Prelam’s household products are already being sold in over 1,500 retail stores in Mexico under the names Gotaroma and La Gotita.

“Our Mexican partner is very interested in the possibility of using our ecological industrial products. These products are made right here, in Moncton. This contract could lead to direct job creation in our region. It is a tremendous opportunity, not just for Prelam, but for the overall economic development of the Greater Moncton area”, concludes Mr. Jalbert.


Prelam Solutions offers exterior odour measurement, analysis and solutions services; they are mostly targeted towards industries and governments.


For more information:


Luc Jalbert, cofounder
T: (506) 856-0252

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September 2017: Prelam Solutions measures and eliminates outdoor odour problems

Wednesday September 6, 2017 – Prelam Entreprises, a company based out of Moncton, is launching a new outdoor odour evaluation and solutions service. Prelam Solutions will now be able to measure outdoor odours, produce a report on the situation and propose eco-friendly and effective solutions to the problem. The service is designed for industries and municipalities as well as provincial and federal authorities.

“We have the necessary equipment to measure odours on a scale of international units. We can measure and report on concentration levels as well as pinpoint periods when odours are strongest. Once this is done, we can offer customized solutions”, explains Luc Jalbert, cofounder of Prelam.

The company can also collect odour samples, which they bring back to their Moncton labs to conduct in-depth analyses and develop unique solutions to every problem. “We have Teflon bags that allow us to trap odours. Once they are brought to the lab, we develop a formula in order to counteract the odour. All the products we use are safe for the environment. If a community is experiencing odour problems, we can offer fast intervention to remedy the situation; we can also perform follow-up testing to ensure the situation is dealt with optimally”, specifies Mr. Jalbert.

Prelam Solutions is a new ecological approach to solving problems that really inconvenience communities. “We know that certain industries can create odour problems that can be disruptive for neighbourhoods and entire communities. Our services and products will help industry and communities live together. Everyone wins”, concludes Luc Jalbert.

Prelam Entreprises has specialized in odour elimination since its foundation. They are the creators behind the products Just’a Drop and Just’a Spray. With this new division, Prelam is attacking odour elimination on a larger scale.
For more information:
Luc Jalbert, cofounder
T: (506) 856-0252

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July 2015: Moncton Company makes embarrassing bathroom odour a smell of the past.

Contact Information:
Luc Jalbert, VP Sales & Marketing
Ph: (506) 857-0499 ext. 222
Cell: (506) 856-0252

Moncton Company makes embarrassing bathroom odour a smell of the past.

Moncton, NB – Everybody poops. Going to the bathroom is something we all have in common, a natural human function, yet most of us put a lot of time and effort into proving that we simply don’t go.

Don’t let embarrassing bathroom odour get you in a bind. The folks at Prelam Enterprises are bound and determined to make going in public the talk of the town with the introductions of their latest product, Just’a Spray.

From the makers of Just’a Drop, the original bathroom odour eliminator, Just’a Spray works in the same fashion by applying a few sprays into the toilet bowl, before you go, to eliminate any odours before they occur.

Over 7% of Canadians have spoken openly about their fear of relieving themselves in public places, retaining themselves until they get home. In an effort to flush out the facts, the Poo Patrol will be hitting the streets this summer conducting a short survey to get feedback about Monctonian’s bathroom habits.

With their “Photo-Poop” Porta-Potty in toe, the Poo-Patrol will be having a little fun with the public, handing out samples as well as great contests and give-aways. They will also be asking the public their opinion on the way they “GO”, from public avoidance to holding it in.

It’s a relief to know that next time you’re faced with the dreaded task of entering the loo at work or at a friend or relative’s house, you can reach for your trusty bottle of Just’a Spray.

Prelam Enterprises sells and manufactures various air care products on a global level. Co-owned by Luc Jalbert and Don Goguen and is located in Moncton, New Brunswick.

After a decade in the air freshener business, you’d think these two would be pooped battling multinationals like Proctor & Gamble, SC Johnson & Son Inc. and Dial Corp. however, Prelam has managed to secure a niche market in the air care sector, one that has obviously appealed to retailers and consumers alike.