Odor Assessment Services

Our trained scientists are equipped with world class odor sampling and analysis equipment, certified in the use of state-of-the-art instrumentation technologies in the field of odor measurement.

Odor Analysis

Prelam Solutions is equipped with state-of-the-art odor sampling and analysis equipment.

Our scientists are trained in assessing, analyzing and reporting on odor or emissions issues for the environment, nuclear, and medical industries, bringing their knowledge of this new and innovative technology to the field of odor measurement.

Our scientists are fully certified in the use and analysis of these devices.

Odor Impact Assessment

  • Determine the odor levels.
  • Identify and rank odor sources.
  • Differentiate the odor impact of one plant from neighboring plants.
  • Recommend solutions for odor impact reduction.

Field Odor Patrol

  • Source identification: determining the sources that need to be sampled and measured using olfactometric laboratories
  • Baseline Study: assess the plants emission at the boundary and at the sensitive receptors (neighboring residents)
  • Contribution Study: assess the impact of other nearby odor causing industries
  • Quality Assurance: assess the accuracy of predicted impact from dispersion model and source sampling by comparing the results to real measured field data.
  • Determine the effect of process events (e.g. flaring) on odor impact of the plant.

Analyzing and Reporting

  • The total impact of the plant on the residents
  • Baseline ambient odor levels
  • Identification and contribution of all sources
  • Ranking of all sources based on their odor contribution
  • Effects of process events on odor impact
  • Efficiency of current odor control plants
  • Required efficiency of future odor mitigation solutions

Odor Prevention

Prelam Solutions is a world leader in innovative odor reduction and prevention liquids. We have various liquids available to help reduce or eliminate nuance odours.

Our liquids are primarily used for the elimination of odor, suppression of dust, and controlling bacteria. Designed specifically to eliminate offensive odors including hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, organic sulfur and nitrogen compounds.

Our Eco formula also inhibits the growth of gram positive and gram negative bacteria such as: Legionella, E Coli, MRCS, CDIFF, Listeria and many more.

Just’a Drop Industrial

Just’a Drop™ Industrial is specially formulated for direct application over liquid or solid waste on manure lagoon, treatment ponds and septic waste. This process allows for a more desirable environment for workers and nearby communities.

Its long-lasting neutralizing action is acquired with small doses.

To learn more about Just’a Drop™ Industrial, click here.

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  • CODE
  • JADI-20L
  • JADI-208L
  • SIZE
  • 20 L / 5.28 GAL
  • 208 L / 55 GAL
  • 20.4 KG /45 LBS
  • 219 KG /483 LBS
  • 18″X12″X11″ IN
  • 37″X22″X22″ IN

Just’a Drop Industrial Eco

Just’a Drop™ Industrial ECO is a concentrated, environmentally friendly, non-toxic odor counteractant for treating airborne odors that originate from lagoons, sludge piles, etc.

Just’a Drop™ Industrial ECO is a water soluble unscented liquid that is used to treat lagoons, sludge piles and various other odor emitting areas.

To learn more about Just’a Drop™ Industrial ECO, click here.

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  • CODE
  • JADIECO-208L
  • SIZE
  • 20 L / 5.28 GAL
  • 208 L / 55 GAL
  • 21.3 KG /47 LBS
  • 228 KG /500 LBS
  • 18″X12″X11″ IN
  • 37″X22″X22″ IN

Application Areas

• Lagoons
• Landfill sites
• Sludge piles
• Livestock farms
• Agricultural compost
• Septic wastewater odors

Types of Odors Treated

• Ammonia
• Hydrogen sulfide
• Mercaptans
• Organic sulfur
• Nitrogen compounds