Febuary 2005: Prelam Launches Revolutionary “Just A Drop” Bathroom Odor Neutralizer

Contact Information:
Luc Jalbert, VP Sales & Marketing
Ph: (506) 857-0499 ext. 222
Cell: (506) 856-0252
E-mail: premiere@nbnet.nb.ca
Prelam Launches Revolutionary “Just A Drop” Bathroom Odor Neutralizer
Moncton, New Brunswick – Two entrepreneurs in Moncton, NB, have literally taken time to smell the roses and are on their way to parlaying the moment into a multi-million dollar business against the likes of well recognized names like S.C. Johnson and Proctor & Gamble. Their new product: Just A Drop, a tiny sweet smelling item that will revolutionize what we’ve come to think of as bathroom air fresheners.
Luc Jalbert and Don Goguen, owners of Prelam Enterprises Inc., are convinced this product, which they introduced at a major trade show in Toronto last November, will revolutionize the way people use the bathroom! It has just hit the shelves of Wal-Mart stores across Canada and re-orders are already coming in.
What makes this product unique is both what it does and how it is packaged and used.
Unlike air fresheners that mask bathroom odors, Just A Drop- virtually suppresses them at the source. One drop of the product is put in the toilet bowl before use. It immediately creates a seal trapping in any smells before they are flushed away.
According to Jalbert, “the results we have gotten from early focus testing of this product tell us we have a winner. It is in a small, unobtrusive bottle, is remarkably easy to use and is sufficiently portable it can be taken with you when you travel. It is also extremely helpful to suffers of Crohn’s Disease and similar ailments.”


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