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October 2006 – Telegraph Journal

Local businesses always boast something new

Metro Moncton’s reputation as an important business sector continues to grow and is fueled by the ongoing efforts of the Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce, an independant business organisation which champions growth as a commitment to both its members and the community.
There is no clearer evidence of that commitment than the eight categoris it offers in GMCC’s annual Greater Moncton Excellence awards.

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April 2010: Telegraph Journal

Odour eliminator focused on changing people’s bathroom habits one drop at a time, right here in the Maritimes!


MONCTON – A manufacturer of high quality household products, Prelam Enterprises Ltd. headquartered in Moncton, New Brunswick. Founded by Luc Jalbert and Donald Goguen, Prelam is celebrating their 10 year anniversary.

The company is best known for their innovative product ‘Just a Drop’, a toilet odour neutralizer specially formulated to eliminate personal bathroom odours. “It’s the #1 solution to your #2 problem,” says Jalbert, who created the product.

Made from natural plant extracts and food grade colourings, ‘Just a Drop’ is totally safe for all types of toilets, safe for septic systems and is non-toxic, making it a very safe product for use anywhere.
“Just a few drops placed in the toilet forms a film over the top of the water surface, trapping odours below the water so they can’t escape into the air. One bottle of ‘Just a Drop’ is equivalent to three bottles of air freshener spray; plus it provides total elimination of odours, it doesn’t just cover them up,” he adds.
Available in 15 ml., 6 ml. bottles as well as single use pouches that are great for travel. ‘Just a Drop’ comes in three pleasant scents: the original Eucalyptus as well as the new Floral Oasis and Refreshing Spring.
The product is sold in many major retail outlets across Canada including Walmart, Zellers, Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws and in many other countries as well.

“This is totally revolutionizing the way we go to the bathroom. We’ve had people who have purchased the product, call and tell us how well it worked and that it’s improved their quality of life,” Jalbert notes.
He explains that many people today suffer from health problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chrones or various forms of colitis that cause offensive bathroom odours, which has kept them from going out into the public or even from visiting family and friends.
“It’s embarrassing, so most people would rather stay home and not have to deal with the situation. But ‘Just a Drop’ allows people to use the bathroom and not leave behind any tell-a-tale odours,” he notes. Not just for use in your home, ‘Just a Drop’ is perfect at the office, university dorms
and any other shared facilities as well as boats, recreational vehicles and in hotels and motels.

“Anywhere you need it, you can use ‘Just a Drop,” Jalbert adds.

Sales of ‘Just a Drop’, have been steadily growing, becoming one of Prelam Enterprises Ltd.’s most popular products and selling more than one million and six hundred thousand bottles to date.(…)

Competing against international heavyweights like S.C. Johnson and Procter & Gamble in the air freshener business, Prelam Enterprises Ltd. unveiled its newest products recently at the Toronto Grocery Innovation Show and was described as the “most clever of innovations this year” by Global TV.

They will be taking them on the road to Hong Kong and Vegas shows in the coming months. A currently ongoing contest sponsored by Prelam Enterprises Ltd. will see the winner take home a year’s supply of ‘Just a Drop’ Toilet Odour Neutralizer. Ask your local store for ‘Just a Drop’ and get more information on the product on their website at: www.prelam.com or check out the many comments on their Facebook site.
Also, check at www.justdrop.ca to print your Just’a Drop coupon and save 75 cents on your next Just’a Drop purchase!