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October 2017 : Moncton’s Prelam Solutions to embark on commercial mission to Mexico from October 23 to 26

Moncton, October 10th, 2017Prelam Solutions, a division of Prelam, a Moncton based company, will be in Mexico from October 23 to 26 to explore the possibility of exporting its industrial and agricultural odour analysis and solutions services.

“We will be on site to make odour assessments for two bovine farms, a pigsty and a sewage treatment plant. We will then return to our labs in Moncton to analyse that data collected and propose solutions to eliminate the odour problems. Our goal is to try to make the situation more acceptable for citizens. In short, we help industries and communities find better ways to live together”, explains Luc Jalbert, cofounder of Prelam.

This visit could lead to an opportunity for the company to export its expertise and products. Some of Prelam’s household products are already being sold in over 1,500 retail stores in Mexico under the names Gotaroma and La Gotita.

“Our Mexican partner is very interested in the possibility of using our ecological industrial products. These products are made right here, in Moncton. This contract could lead to direct job creation in our region. It is a tremendous opportunity, not just for Prelam, but for the overall economic development of the Greater Moncton area”, concludes Mr. Jalbert.


Prelam Solutions offers exterior odour measurement, analysis and solutions services; they are mostly targeted towards industries and governments.


For more information:


Luc Jalbert, cofounder

T: (506) 856-0252

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Septembre 2017 : Prelam Solutions évalue et solutionne les problèmes d’odeurs extérieures

Mercredi 6 septembre 2017 — La compagnie Prelam de Moncton lance un nouveau service d’évaluation et de solutions des odeurs extérieures. Prelam Solutions peut en effet mesurer les odeurs, faire rapport sur la situation et proposer des solutions écologiques et efficaces pour enrayer les problèmes. C’est un service qui s’adresse autant aux industries, aux municipalités qu’aux autorités provinciales et fédérales.
« Nous avons l’équipement nécessaire pour prendre des mesures d’odeurs selon un barème d’unités internationales. Il nous est donc possible de prendre les mesures, de faire rapport sur les taux de concentration, les périodes où les odeurs sont les plus fortes. Ensuite, nous pouvons offrir des solutions spécifiques, » explique Luc Jalbert, cofondateur de Prelam.

La compagnie est en mesure de prendre des échantillons d’odeurs et de les rapporter dans son laboratoire de Moncton pour faire des analyses plus poussées et développer une formule unique à chaque problème. « Nous avons des sacs de teflon dans lequel nous enfermons les odeurs. De retour à notre laboratoire, nous développons une formule avec nos produits pour contrecarrer cette odeur. Les produits que nous utilisons sont sans danger pour l’environnement. Donc, en cas de problèmes d’odeurs dans une communauté, nous pouvons intervenir assez rapidement pour corriger la situation et même faire des tests de suivi pour assurer une amélioration de la situation, » ajoute Monsieur Jalbert.
Prelam Solutions est une nouvelle approche écologique à des problèmes qui peuvent vraiment incommoder des communautés. « Nous savons que certaines industries peuvent créer, souvent bien
malgré elles, des problématiques qui dérangent des voisinages ou des communautés entières. Notre service et nos produits permettront de faciliter la cohabitation entre ces industries et leurs voisins. Tout le monde y gagne, » conclut Luc Jalbert.

La compagnie Prelam travaille depuis ses tous débuts à l’élimination des odeurs désagréables. C’est à elle que l’on doit le produit Just’a Drop et Just’a Spray. Avec cette nouvelle division, Prelam se lance dans la solution aux odeurs désagréables à plus grande échelle.

Pour renseignements :
Luc Jalbert, cofondateur
T: (506) 856-0252

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September 2017: Prelam Solutions measures and eliminates outdoor odour problems

Wednesday September 6, 2017 – Prelam Entreprises, a company based out of Moncton, is launching a new outdoor odour evaluation and solutions service. Prelam Solutions will now be able to measure outdoor odours, produce a report on the situation and propose eco-friendly and effective solutions to the problem. The service is designed for industries and municipalities as well as provincial and federal authorities.

“We have the necessary equipment to measure odours on a scale of international units. We can measure and report on concentration levels as well as pinpoint periods when odours are strongest. Once this is done, we can offer customized solutions”, explains Luc Jalbert, cofounder of Prelam.

The company can also collect odour samples, which they bring back to their Moncton labs to conduct in-depth analyses and develop unique solutions to every problem. “We have Teflon bags that allow us to trap odours. Once they are brought to the lab, we develop a formula in order to counteract the odour. All the products we use are safe for the environment. If a community is experiencing odour problems, we can offer fast intervention to remedy the situation; we can also perform follow-up testing to ensure the situation is dealt with optimally”, specifies Mr. Jalbert.

Prelam Solutions is a new ecological approach to solving problems that really inconvenience communities. “We know that certain industries can create odour problems that can be disruptive for neighbourhoods and entire communities. Our services and products will help industry and communities live together. Everyone wins”, concludes Luc Jalbert.

Prelam Entreprises has specialized in odour elimination since its foundation. They are the creators behind the products Just’a Drop and Just’a Spray. With this new division, Prelam is attacking odour elimination on a larger scale.
For more information:
Luc Jalbert, cofounder
T: (506) 856-0252

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March 2017 – Huddle.com

How New Brunswick’s Prelam Enterprises Freshened Up the Air Freshener Market

Moncton’s Prelam Enterprises is leading in the business of making sure your poo doesn’t stink.

The company is the maker of Just ‘a Drop, the product that founders Luc Jalbert and Don Goguen claim was the first ever to prevent odour before you, you know, go “number two.”

“Everybody kept asking ‘how much do you put in the [toilet] bowl?’ says Jalbert.  “And we kept saying ‘just a drop, that’s all you need.’ That’s how the name came about.”

Officially launched in 2005 at Walmart Canada, Just ‘a Drop had to compete with air freshening heavyweights like SC Johnson and Proctor & Gamble. But Jalbert says Just ‘a Drop was the only product on shelves at the time that offered a more … preventable neutralizing liquid solution to foul bathroom odours.

“We were the only one until a few years ago when people started copying us. So for us, it was pretty easy initially to compete against them because they didn’t have a competing product,” Jalbert says. “Then some copy-cats started to show up and that’s normal in business. We had to educate consumers, so we put in a lot of money in Canada to advertise on TV [and] educate our consumers about Just ‘a Drop and its benefits, why you use it before you go and why it really works.”

Though Prelam Enterprises put a lot of work into promoting the product nationally through advertising, Jalbert says their customers are their biggest ambassadors and are the company’s number one way of advertising.

“It makes people giggle because we’re talking about ‘number twos’, so it’s not sexy to talk about, but it’s funny … People make jokes all the time,” he says. “That’s what people seem to like. They like the fact that it works and you don’t have to be embarrassed.”

The giggle factor and the fact that it’s allowing people to openly discuss the taboo topic of bowel movements were what got Just ‘a Drop some big media attention. The product has been featured on Dr. Oz, the Howard Stern Show, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch and CBC’s Venture.

It also got attention from competitors. Last year, Reckitt Benckiser, makers of Air Wick, approached Prelam to license its formula to use in some of their products.

“Air Wick approached us to license and make us produce for them under Just ‘a Spray, a new derivative of Just ‘a Drop,’ Jalbert says. “They are water-based formulas so we produce over a million bottles for Air Wick. So ironically, a competition approached to produce for them.”

Jalbert says being approached by Air Wick showed they created something that was making a splash.

“It was a big deal. It validated that we were an innovator in a category. We were the pioneers in that space, the bathroom,” he says. “We’re not an air freshener, we’re solely focused on your ‘number two’ situation and identified that to the point where they’ve launched in eight countries already … It’s validating that we were on the right track all along and that we were innovative.”

Prelam now has several “Just ‘a” products lines. Jalbert says in the next three months Just ‘a Drop and Just ‘a Spray will be released for retail in the United States. It’s already in stores in Mexico and Chile. There are plans this spring and summer to expand in the European and Chinese markets as well.

“Just A’ Drop is going to maintain itself. It’s like a bottle of ketchup, everybody needs it when they run out. So we’re going to keep going to market,” Jalbert says. “We’re just going to keep growing markets and expanding our territories.”

Moncton Prelam Enterprises