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March 2018 : Prelam presents Inject Safe, an innovation in terms of safety and cost savings in the medical field

Moncton, February 20, 2018—Prelam Medical, a division of Prelam, is introducing to the Canadian market a new technology that allows for safer injections to be administered to patients. Inject Safe is the first bandage developed specifically for injections that’s both easy and fast to use.

Inject Safe creates a barrier on the patient’s skin which eliminates the need for conventional band aids, cotton balls and gloves, thus helping hospitals, pharmacies, and various clinics and institutions across Canada reduce costs related to injections,” explains the cofounder of Prelam, Luc Jalbert.

The product’s primary purpose is to protect healthcare providers. Using Inject Safe ensures no blood remains on the syringe needle or splatters or trickles from the injection site. Plus, 70% of patients on whom Inject Safe was used felt it made the injection less painful.

“According to our studies, the cost of injections could be reduced by 50% by using Inject Safe due to savings in materials and time. As our healthcare systems look for ways to save and be more effective, we need to turn to innovations such as this one in order to continue addressing the needs of the population,” says Mr. Jalbert.

To try Inject Safe for free, you can request samples at http://prelammedical.com/inject-safe/.

Prelam Medical is the exclusive distributor of Inject Safe in Canada.




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Luc Jalbert, co-founder

T: 506-856-0252



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