June 2005: Moncton Company Launches the Next Advancement in Air Care.

Contact Information:
Luc Jalbert, VP Sales & Marketing
Ph: (506) 857-0499 ext. 222
Cell: (506) 856-0252
E-mail: premiere@nbnet.nb.ca
Moncton Company Launches the Next Advancement in Air Care.
Moncton, New Brunswick – Prelam Enterprises of Moncton has officially brought household air care to new heights with the addition of an innovative new automatic air freshener to their product lineup in many retail stores across Canada.
The Easyfresh Metered Spray Dispenser hit the shelves and is now available in many retail stores, becoming the first of its kind in Canada. The new and innovative smart aerosol air freshener works automatically to continuously neutralize malodors leaving your home with a pleasant aromatic scent all day long.
This revolutionary new dispenser contains a smart chip, programmed to release a light burst of long lasting fragrance at regular time interval all day long. A light sensor gives customers a broad choice of settings, allowing the dispenser to operate with settings for day, night and 24 hours a day.
Luc Jalbert and Don Goguen, the owners of Prelam Enterprises, announced that Easyfresh starter kits and refills would be available July 23rd at Jean Coutu stores across eastern Canada. Refills are available in two fresh new fragrances – Spring Blossom and Clean N’Fresh.

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