March 2005: L’alimentation Magazine

Perfume the taboos

Extract from “ Le grand ménage : entre les fleurs et les germes »- Denyse Perrault- L’alimentation

Fortunately for our nostrils and for the ego of inconvenienced people, the market is full of products that help us overcoming this issue, at least when there is a real bathroom. Among those discoveries, we see Prelam’s odour neutraliser Just’a Drop. This small company based in Moncton New Brunswick, offers a non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for septics product. Portable, it comes in a small plastic bottle which contains 15 ml of an almost miraculous solution with a travel case. One drop of Just’a Drop in the toilet bowl prior to use eliminates foul odours while leaving a light and fresh scent.

“We believe this product will revolutionize the way people use their bathroom, says Luc Jalbert, Prelam co-owner and vice-president. It will particularly improve the life of people who have to wear a stoma bag, those who have Crohn’s disease or other ailments. This product was introduced to the Atlantic market last September. Since then, I met people claiming before Just’a Drop, they did not dare to get out. Now they feel free to go wherever they want. Until now, consumers had to purchase costly sprays to eliminate odours. I think we are the first in North America to offer this kind of product that we discovered in South-East Asia. There is a lot of Asian who don’t appreciate foul odours, just like us. We adapted the formula using plant extracts, a little bit of disinfectant and perfume, nothing harsh. In addition, this water treatment fights germs.”

Specialised in air care, Prelam’s owners chose China to produce their product line to keep their competition with big companies. They also bet on innovation to entice the category. Prelam’s Aromatherapy product line contains a liquid air freshener with deodoriser in a fancy bottle which the
look reminds more of an ornament than a convenient basic spray. The available fragrances are Green Apple, Orange and Lavender, made from a mix of natural essential oils. Aromatherapy incense stick line has four scents: Lavender burst, Tranquility, Forest Mist and seashore. The packaging looks like a jewel case and contains twelve incense sticks and a holder. Each stick burns for 25 minutes.

For cars, the company suggests its new Cutie Fresh, a Pink Lavender, French Vanilla or Fresh Air fragrances dispenser in the form of a teddy bear. In 2005, they will launch Funky Monkey with the same scents as Cutie Fresh. With a new addition to the line, Sachet will be available in a pack of two or six, with the same scents. They can be used anywhere around the house, even in the garbage or closets. They will also introduce the decorative air freshener Flower scent, which contains refillable crystals scents.

The air purification in the vehicle’s fans was not forgotten. Prelam introduce two air fresheners which can be hooked on the fan to eliminate embarrassing odours like vomit, cat urine or tobacco. Eclypse the odour neutraliser contains scented oil which last two months. In the stores, you can find Mountain Fresh, French Vanilla, Fresh Air as well as anti-tobacco, Fresh Oranges and Lavender. Three scents are available for Aerofresh SX which diffuses a scented oil of Tropical Fresh, French Vanilla and AntiTobacco.

Prelam is in the fourth place in a very competitive market.

Mars 2005: Magazine L’alimentation

Parfumez les taboos

Extrait de l’article “Le grand ménage”– Denyse Perrault- L’alimentation

Heureusement pour nos narines, et pour l’amour propre des personnes qui se sentent incommodés, le marché ne manque pas de propositions pour nous aider à contourner le problème, du moin lorsqu’il y a une véritable salle de bain. Parmis les plus récente trouvailles, on remarque le neutralisant d’odeur Just’a Drop de Prelam. Cette PME basée à Moncton, au Nouveau Brunswick, propose un produit non toxique. biodégradable, sans danger pour les fosses septiques. Facile à transporter, il est offert dans nue toute petite bouteille plastifiée qui contient 15 ml de liquide quasi-miracle, accompagnée d’un étui de voyage. Une seule goutte de Just’a Drop dans la cuvette des toilettes avant de passer aux actes permet d’escamoter les odeurs instantanément, tout en laissant flotter une légère odeur de fraîcheur.

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