Nov 2008: Marketing Coup – Moncton Businessman Jumps off 876-foot Bridge

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Marketing Coup – Moncton Businessman Jumps off 876-foot Bridge
MONCTON, NB – A Moncton businessman has taken his 2008 marketing efforts world-wide with an 876-foot plunge from the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia.
Don Goguen, an avid sky-diver and president of Prelam Enterprises, producer of the Just’a Drop bathroom freshener, took part in the annual base jump which turned into an added bonus for his firm. CNN was shooting and broadcasting the event live so Prelam designers seized the opportunity and created a large banner to hang alongside the bridge where participants would be jumping from.
“This is a new type of marketing for us,” says Goguen. “The plan worked. Besides the live broadcast, photographers and journalists from all over the globe were covering the event. Millions of people saw our product advertised.”
Historically, Prelam relied mostly on media coverage to get information out to the public. “We simply didn’t have the money to market the product massively. The reason the product survived is because it works, and people understand its value.” But in the last year, the firm attracted investment dollars and set out on a substantial marketing program. Sales have shot up, and continue to rise.
In Canada, the Just’a Drop is sold in most of the major retailers plus supermarkets and pharmacies from St. Jonn’s to Vancouver. It is also sold in the United States. Advertising and publicity generated in recent months have attracted interest from 56 countries including Australia, China and Ireland, where the Just’a Drop is already on the shelves.
For skydiver and businessman Don Goguen, the prospect to replicating the feat next year is simple – it’s a done deal. “Just’a Drop will be sponsoring this world class event again in 2009.”

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